At one point or another, every employer will experience theft in the workplace. However, very few will actually investigate because investigation theft is complex. Faced with challenging economic times, businesses are less able to sustain losses and maintain "business as usual," making workplace investigations increasingly more important. Further, effective investigations allows the employer and legal counsel a solid basis for taking corrective action and defend against EEOC or Title 7 claims of inaction and unfair treatment.

Customers that have sought assistance in workplace theft investigations consist of small business owners, franchisee owners, retail and restaurant chains that are devoid of loss prevention departments and existing loss prevention departments seeking assistance with large investigations.





Our experienced surveillance installation team can assist you in dealing with threats of theft and other policy violations. Strickland Security professionals understand the complexities involved in obtaining factual evidence in sensitive workplace investigations. We pay special attention to all State and Federal statutory regulations, as well as private sector liability for unlawful surveillance (civil and criminal liability). We are careful not to violate anyone's "reasonable expectation of privacy." Our CCTV services include new installations, maintenance, and enhancements of existing systems.



Criminal Background Checks RIMINAL BACKGROUND CHECKS


We offer a cost-effective screening package that will expand your scope of criminal record searches. This is a comprehensive criminal background check inclusive of a combination of local and national criminal record checks. This package utilizes multiple sources including Courthouse searches, State law enforcement repositories, Sex Offender registries, and a National database provider. Please note that this program can be customized to meet all of your business or employment needs. We will also provide you with results on-line at no additional cost.



Sexual Harassment Investigations*


Strickland Security & Safety Solutions has been contacted by Human Resource professionals and Attorneys to perform numerous harassment investigations. This type of investigation requires interviews of the complainant, the alleged harasser, and witnesses. Strickland Security will work closely with employment counsel to discuss all aspects of the investigation. When a workplace investigation is conducted at the direction of counsel, it may be privileged and not subject to disclosure to individuals or entities external to the investigation.


Workplace Violence Investigations*


Workplace violence can be a situation which could place the employer, employees, and possibly customers in grave danger leading to injury or even death. Employers who fail to conduct a workplace investigation where such situations may occur usually lose any claims or lawsuits brought by the employee or their families in response to an incident of violence. Strickland Security can assist in the execution of investigations regarding situations where workplace violence has occurred or may occur. Our team of professionals is prepared to conduct a thorough investigation for you. It could protect your most important assets, your employees, and your customers.


*All investigative work is conducted by firms licensed and insured in their respective jurisdictions. All work is performed by our service partners under the direction of Strickland Security & Safety Solutions personnel to insure that they are meeting the needs and exceeding the expectations of every client.