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Annual Georgia Retail Associations



The panel  L-R.  Vic Reynolds, District Attorney, Cobb County GA

Shawn Blankenship - VP of  Asset Protection - The Home Depot, Darryl Tolleson - Deputy Cheif - Atlanta Police and Robert Strickland - Owner Strickland Security discuss  leadership during this years conference.

13th Annual GROC Retail Crime Conference

This year Strickland Security had the distinct honor of being the Premier Platinum Sponsor for the 13th Annual GROC Retail Crime Conference in Atlanta at Georgia State University. What a true crime fighting partnership.

Mobile Scout

In the past, mobile surveillance trailers could capture the crime so an investigation could ensue. How about preventing the crime before it ever takes place? Our Scouts offer crime prevention technologies, such as visual gun detection, gunshot detection, facial recognition and license plate recognition to help prevent the loss of property, profit or even life. These solar and wind-powered surveillance trailers come equipped with complete turnkey solutions and are custom built to fit your needs. 

This cutting-edge technology will prevent crime and protect assets, profits & save lives.

Showcasing Our New Patrol Vehicles

Our patrol vehicles will create a strong visible deterrence on your residential, commercial or private property. Once you assist us with determining the type of activity and issues on your property and what time frames they happen. We will schedule randomized patrol tours to come on property checking issues, completing assigned tasks, and being a highly visible presence for your residents, employees, customers, and to prevent potential threats. We will document everything that occurs on your property in real-time for proper transparency.

Strickland Security at ISC West 2023



Strickland Security in Las Vegas for the Annual Security Technology Conference.

Strickland Security at Cricket Celebration Bowl '22


Probably one of the most exciting and dynamic "Cricket Celebration Bowl Championship Games, ever played in Mercedes Benz stadium. Please enjoy some highlights from this HBCU Football classic. Many thanks once again to my entire Security team and the countless Law enforcement officers. We are our brother's & sister's keeper.

Security Officers On The Front Lines

The Strickland Security team has dedicated themselves to protecting people and property. Our services are provided to businesses, schools, communities & families.

Local Atlanta News Interview


Rob Strickland comes to the rescue of a woman who was being carjacked and kidnapped by a suspect with a knife.


Click here for the whole story

Nike Bo Jackson Air Trainer Release



Strickland Secuirty was contracted to deliver and provide security for City Gear stores. The shoe commending the 20th anniversary of the 1996 Summer Olympics held in Atlanta. 

Robert Strickland 



Detailed instructions on how to handle dishonest employees, safety inspections, inventory control, accident reporting, building security, shoplifting and more.


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Robert Strickland 



Once there was a raccoon. His name was Sticky Paws.He had lots of lessons to learn.And the lesson about the shiny medal is only the beginning...


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